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QR Code Reader "Q" -FREE-


"Q" enables you to read small or sophisticated codes very quickly.Other than reading QR Code®, the app supports reading Barcodes and the FrameQR® which is newly developed by DENSO WAVE INC. The app is the newest official QR Code® reader which also includes functions such as, creating QR Code®, posting on SNS, and playing AR contents.==========================Function list==========================・QR Code Reader (Reads QR Code®)・Barcode Reader (Reads barcodes)・After reading barcodes, automatically generate links to product pages of Amazon and Yahoo! Shopping, and Google Search. ・Read FrameQR®・Replay AR contents・Preview Web sites・Display confirmation messages・Read / delete read history・Copy read-out contents・Send e-mail・Post to Facebook・Post to Twitter・Post to LINE・Create QR Code® (generated from the text, URL, contact, and/or a map)・Compatible with URL Scheme (Direct launching from other apps) Launch command is "densowaveq://"
==========================New function==========================ver1.6.0・Optimization of QR Decode Engine.・Chinese language (China, Taiwan, Hong Kong) compatibility.・Minor bug fixes.ver 1.5.0・Minor bug fixes.ver 1.4(02/06/2015)・The URL scheme has been supported.ver 1.3(23/02/2015)・The function to delete read-out history has been added.
*QR Code®、FrameQR® are registered trademarks of DENSO WAVE INC.*DENSO WAVE INC. is a subsidiary of Denso Corporation.*"Q" is joint-developed by DENSO WAVE INC. and Arara Inc.